Die richtige Ernährung für das Projekt Knackpo!

The right nutrition for the Knackpo project!

Basically, we are to look ahead. However, we make an exception. Namely when it comes to your own back. We all want a firm and well-trained bottom. In addition to a tight training program, diet also plays a decisive role. We'll tell you which foods you can rely on and where you should be more careful.

First of all, the good news: You neither have to go without carbohydrates nor eat low-calories. So that it means: “Hey, Popöchen”, the goal is to melt the attached fat and convert it into muscle mass.

  1. In addition to the freshest possible ingredients, try too a serving of protein with every meal to eat. You need 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. This value does not change if you train more. Several small servings throughout the day are more effective than three large meals. Protein from plant and animal foods is best. That means lean chicken, fish, eggs, grainy cream cheese but also oatmeal, lentil noodles, beans and low-fat quark should now be on your menu.

  2. And as announced, you should under no circumstances do without carbohydrates. The only thing that matters is the quality of the carbs. Above all, that means one thing: stay away from white flour and bread. Whole grains and oatmeal are better. Why? They make the blood sugar level rise and fall slowly, which prevents insulin spikes. But nuts, quinoa, couscous and brown rice also provide valuable carbohydrates.

  3. One real power drink is also for your four letters Green tea. The healthy ingredients increase the production of adrenaline in the body. In this way, fat deposits stored under the skin are attacked. In addition, green tea tightens the connective tissue on the buttocks and is particularly effective in combination with exercise.

  4.  But also Coffee brings those pounds to melt away. Caffeine not only supports the connective tissue in the cream and strengthens it, the active ingredient from the coffee also strengthens it from the inside out by dehydrating the tissue and promoting fat breakdown. In addition, the metabolism is activated. However, the prerequisite is that the coffee is drunk black - i.e. without milk and sugar. If you still need sweetness you can rely on stevia, it has hardly any calories.

  5. Hard but true: Stay away from salt! It binds 50 times more water in the body. The result: water retention accumulates and the fabric takes on an unsightly wave look. In higher amounts, salt can even promote cellulite. So caution is definitely required here.