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From the vision to your own beauty brand

Dr. Glückstein was founded in 2019 by Dr. Sandy Glückstein founded. She has been working as a management consultant for 15 years and has now been able to contribute her extensive experience to corporate and product development. She has always been interested in cosmetics and started developing her own products at a young age and mixing them together in a small herbal kitchen. Last year she took a close look at the beauty shelves and was amazed to find that cosmetics are available for all parts of the body - except for the bare bones. Her entrepreneurial know-how motivated her to close this gap in the market. She founded “Dr. Glückstein ”and developed“ PoBeau ”- Germany's first butt masks.

With PoBeau she would like to play a decisive role in shaping the technological standards in cosmetics and at the same time make a sustainable contribution to the health and beauty of customers. If Dr. Glückstein goes, in a few years the care of the buttocks will be just as established as that of the face.

Even at a young age, her interest in high-quality cosmetics and care products was sufficient far beyond the norm. Sandy Glückstein wanted more, wanted to develop her own products and mixed her first creams in her little herbal kitchen. It was only a matter of time before she started a professional beauty brand.

After 15 successful years in the management of various DAX organizations and as a freelance consultant with a focus on management consulting and change management, the time had come in 2019 for Dr. Glückstein started her first professional beauty brand. The PhD Dr. Sandy Glückstein shares her extensive experience in corporate and product development as well as her enthusiasm for innovation, conceptual flair and willingness to take risks. However, not only her professional career shaped her entrepreneurial passion, but above all her parents, who have always served as role models, always supported her in her career and motivated her to do something every day for her professional and personal advancement.

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