Partnermassage - eine Sache des Gefühls

Partner massage - a matter of feeling

What could be nicer than being wrapped up in a blanket with your loved ones and cuddling with your loved ones during the cold season? Especially since it gets dark relatively quickly, you have no choice but to sit in front of the fireplace. 

Massages are especially welcome, especially if they come from the person you love the most.

Today we will explain to you how such a massage works best.

First, you take a cream or a special oil on hand.

Dims the light a little and ventilates the room beforehand. The muscles relax as a result of the fresh oxygen. During this time, however, you should keep the windows closed. 

In principle, you should massage away from your head. You or your partner should decide what pressure to use. Basically, however, less, i.e. more gentle in this context, is more, in order of course to avoid injuries.


Step 1: You should start and end your massage with a kind of caress, the so-called effleurage. Caress your partner's entire body with your hands.

Step 2: Now you should try to gradually loosen the muscles and, above all, any hardening. This works best by making small, circular motions with your fingertips or the ball of your hand. You can do this specifically to the left and right of the spine. From the bottom up. With less and less pressure when “going up”.

Step 3: To relax the muscles on the sides, move your fingertips outwards from the spine. Again, with not too much pressure. As you move backwards, you should become softer.

4th step: The neck is usually the biggest problem. With this trick you can also release such tension. But be careful, especially in the neck area you should proceed very carefully. The pressure can best be measured with your thumb. Try to loosen the tension of your partner with circular movements. Pay attention to the needs of your loved one here too.

Step 5: Finally, you should come back to the Effleurage again. Since here particularly tender. This type of touch is especially relaxing and beautiful for most people.

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