Schon gewusst? Fünf unfassbare Fakten über den Po

Already knew? Five incredible facts about the buttocks

Twerk, Twerk - thanks to Miley Cyrus, the pogewiggle is indispensable. But also the never-ending belfie trend (butt selfie) make the downside to one of the most popular body parts of all. The message is clear: Po is IN! And that's why it's time to unpack a few hard facts ...


  1. Bootylicious
    An opulent buttocks should be healthy? Please what? Yes - you read that right! If you put fat on your buttocks and thighs and not on your stomach, you should live longer and healthier. This is exactly what researchers at Oxford University found out. Fat accumulations on the bottom are supposed to protect against cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. It gets nasty, however, with belly fat, which is said to be responsible for causing heart disease, diabetes or even dementia. So if you start at the bottom instead, you will live longer and healthier. Well then…


  1. The butt code
    Is there a perfect bottom? According to British researchers, yes! And they even calculated a formula for it. So watch out: the “Perfect Po Index” measures exactly 07. And this value is calculated as follows: Divide the waist belt by the hip belt - the closer the value is to 0.7, the more “perfect” the buttocks are.


  1. For the ar ...
    ... the so-called gluteus maximus, as the buttock muscle is also called, is responsible. It is one of the largest and most powerful muscles on the whole body. This muscle not only shapes the buttocks, but is also responsible for movement. Through him we can get up, climb stairs or sit down. Pretty strong, right?


  1. Mooning
    Warning, now it's getting a little special. The public exposure of one's bottom in public is called "mooning". In California there is even an annual tradition - "Mooning of Amtrak", with thousands of people showing their bare butts to the trains passing by. A spectacle that only Americans can come up with!
    The next "Moon Show" will take place in 2020 on the second Saturday in July.
  2. Let's take a deep breath
    And a really bizarre info at the end. Turtles can breathe through a butt-like opening in their rump called a cloaca. Actually, this opening is used by the animals to lay eggs, excrete excrement and some species even breathe through this multifunctional hole during hibernation. Crazy, right?