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Skin protection against chafing on the buttocks and thighs | 30ml

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Wound protection against redness, itching and blistering

Skin protection when it get's hot & tight

Anti-sore balm and wound protection for the buttocks, thighs and genital area.

The unpleasant symptoms are not only known to equestrians and cyclists - the skin on the thighs and in the genital area is chafed by constant friction and reacts with redness, itching and even blistering.

With the velvety soft and extremely delicate anti-chafing butter wound protection, a simple, invisible remedy is provided! The breathable, silicone-based special product acts as a long-lasting, soothing protective film on stressed parts of the body. The phyto-complex of alpha-bisabolol, balloon vine and plantain viper's bugloss has a preventive effect and allows redness and irritation to subside within a short time.

Delicate skin and wound protection. Against chafing in the crotch when cycling and running. Long-lasting & soothing. For stressed parts of the body. The fragrance-free formula is sweat and water resistant.


Active athletes in particular should regularly and preventively integrate the ultra-light cream-gel into their care routine for effective skin protection.

No silicones
No mineral oils
Ka PEG's

✔️Made in Germany
✔️Not tested on animals
✔️Fresh unisex fragrance for girls and boys
✔️Reduced formulations for an effective effect
✔️High-quality active ingredients
✔️Vegan… for us, of course
✔️Clean, no superfluous ingredients
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❌ Keine Parabene & Silikone
❌ Keine Mineralöle
❌ Keine Nanopartikel
❌ Kein Mikroplastik
❌ Keine PEG’s (Polyethylenglycol)

✔️ 100% Made in Germany
✔️ Tierversuchsfrei
✔️ Frischer unisex Duft für Mädels und auch Jungs
✔️ Reduzierte Formulierungen für eine effektive Wirkung
✔️ Hightech Aktivwirkstoffe
✔️ Vegan… für uns selbstverständlich
✔️ Clean

    Hautschutz gegen Wundreiben an Po und Oberschenkel |  30 ml - PoBeau
    Hautschutz gegen Wundreiben an Po und Oberschenkel |  30 ml - PoBeau
    Hautschutz gegen Wundreiben an Po und Oberschenkel |  30 ml - PoBeau

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