It's that easy to use our products.

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Finally time for you 🍑

Our buttocks masks are very easy to use and are a treat for your skin. 

First you should clean your buttocks with a little warm water before you apply the mask. 

After cleaning, apply the hydrogel buttocks mask carefully and generously to your buttocks.

Let it take effect for 15 minutes and make yourself comfortable. Reading a book on your stomach with your legs in the air or walking around or dancing are our favorites. 

After 15 minutes you can gently dab off the remaining gel with warm water and massage the rest into the skin. 

And a little care for our most beautiful piece can be so easy.

A few tips on what to do during this

1. Read a book 📖
2. Dance around the apartment 👯‍♀️
3. Have a power nap 💤

4. Complete your Skincare Routine🧴
5. Cooking 🍳
6. Check emails 💌

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