Brightening Bundle | Shiny in bed

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Get your Brightening Bundle now at a special price. Save 25€ and get 4 x Whitening & Nourishing intimate masks + our wet bag.

Whitening & Nourishing Intimate Mask
Pimples and inflammation often leave behind pigment spots, darker areas and skin discolouration. This nourishing hydrogel intimate mask is specially designed to lighten the sensitive skin on the buttocks. The pigmentation at this point is naturally a little darker than on the rest of the body.

Wet Bag

A bag for all occasions! Whether to wellness or to the beach. 

Robust and water-repellent material.

Size: 15x17cm

The following applies to our masks:

No parabens & silicones
No mineral oils
No nanoparticles
No microplastics
 No PEG's (polyethylene glycol)

✔️100% Made in Germany
✔️Cruelty free
✔️Fresh unisex fragrance for girls and boys
✔️Reduced formulations for an effective effect
✔️Hightech Aktivwirkstoffe
✔️Vegan... for us, of course