Au cheek! The very least doesn't like that at all!

Everyone wants it, but not everyone has it: a sexy downside! And so that the buttocks stay particularly smooth, firm and super crisp, we have put together the top 5 dislikes that can bring your butt out of shape! Booty Beauty: Just follow this guideline!

Skinny food
Low Carb Helps You Lose Weight - That's Right! BUT: the goal is not to lose weight, but to transform your booty into a crack butt. So if you eat a completely low-carbohydrate diet, you will certainly not get a J.Lo butt. But how then? The magic word is muscle building and for this you need the power duo of protein and carbs. That means: Lean chicken, fish but also lentil noodles, low-fat quark, oatmeal and beans definitely belong on your menu. Tip: Swap white flour products for the whole grain variant, which contains more healthy fiber and also makes you full longer.

Salty Girl!
Stay away from chips and other fatty and salty snacks. Why? Not only the high amount of fat but also the salt it contains binds the water in the tissue. The consequence: there is unattractive storage. In addition, too much salt can even promote cellulite! So it's better to grab healthy snacks. Raw food sticks made from paprika, kohlrabi and carrots are cut into thin sticks and served with a delicious dip made from sour cream and a little garlic as a treat! Tastes good without a guilty conscience!

Figure killer
Tight pants! Yes, you read that right! The beloved skinny jeans can cause cellulite. Wear comfortable pants that sit lightly and loosely so that the skin can breathe, which also prevents nasty bum pimples. By the way: wide trousers with flowing fabrics flatter the bottom and make it appear narrower and crisper. That was not all. We still have a real figure killer in our luggage! Pants with large print motifs. Because they make the butt look more voluminous. So better hands off!

Couch Potato
Who would have thought? Sitting for long periods of time makes you wide and fat. And worse, the fat cells grow faster. The reason for this is that the more we sit on our four letters, the more pressure is exerted on the fat cells, which thereby expand by approx. 50%. So, time to get your ass up! With sport and targeted exercises, you can not only counteract this, but also specifically shape your buttocks. It also reduces cellulite. Important: If you want crisp curves, you should definitely rely on muscle-building measures. Cardio training and treadmills make you sweat a lot, but they don't help you to have a well-toned bottom. A short but harder intensive training with e.g. Uphill sprints help you to achieve a firm position.

Zebra crossing look
Those who do not care for the skin adequately run the risk that the connective tissue will not remain elastic and that unsightly tissue tears will develop. There are also other possible causes for this, such as a strong or sudden gain or loss in weight, but also a changed hormone balance such as during puberty or pregnancy. The elastic collagen fibers ensure that the connective tissue of the skin is held together. If they are used too much, they tear. That sounds more dramatic than it is because you can prevent stretch marks. Regular maintenance is important, e.g. with almond, jojoba or sesame oil. But also a special anti-aging mask for the downside "Magic Anti Cellulite & Toning Mask" from PoBeau stimulates the skin system and uses caffeine to prevent the skin from losing elasticity. In addition, an anti-cellulite agent made from mustard sprouts ensures an effective tightening effect.

Text: Mabel Neumann / The Beauty & Love Concept