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From November 15 to 17, the first Xathon of Henkel X, Henkel's open innovation platform, took place in Berlin. Xathon is Europe's largest ideas hackathon for female founders, with the aim of promoting “female empowerment”. At the event, 150 female talents, selected from 800 applicants, were able to develop their entrepreneurial thinking and ideas further. The Xathon is an event whose aim is to promote women in business and strengthen their entrepreneurial skills. During the three days there were both informative and inspiring lectures as well as challenging tasks through which the workshop participants were able to develop their potential.

At the end of the three-day workshop, six winners were chosen who can look forward to further support in their entrepreneurial activities. The first prize went to Dr. Sandy Glückstein - the founder of Dr. Glueckstein Beautiful Skincare, which convinced the jury with its presentation and its innovative “PoBeau” concept. She was able to look forward to a female founders workshop from Grace - Female Accelerator and a one-week innovation boot camp at the H-Farm innovation hub, where she can develop her ideas further with a professional team.  

For Dr. Sandy Glückstein is the first prize she received at the end of the event, another milestone in her promising career. Dr. Sandy Glückstein proves with her work and being that all doors are open to women - it only takes courage and commitment to walk through them.

"Overwhelming! I can't describe it any other way. We started in the summer and have now won the #Xathon. It is a unique opportunity to be accompanied by such exciting and experienced mentors. It was an exciting weekend and I'm looking forward to the next steps together with Henkel and Grace. "


You can find out more about the Xathon here:

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