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Even if we hide our buttocks under jeans, tights and cotton briefs in winter, you should still treat your "four letters" to an extra portion of care. Because the skin of the very best should always be supple, smooth and super tight - and that's why it is said: Stay tuned with the Bootiful Skincare routine!
Crazy but (t) cool are so-called butt masks - particularly rich care masks that have been specially developed to care for the buttocks.
Already from 5 Days Care P (r) Ogram " heard? No? Never mind We'll tell you how you can give your bottom an all-round beauty treatment with 5 masks in just 5 days.


That's how it's done:

Day 1 - The Liberation

No more pimples and other blemishes on your bottom. The solution: A real care boost in the form of a special hydrogel mask that "Butt Pimples Rescue & Purifying Mask" from PoBeau contains a highly concentrated active ingredient combination of dandelion extract and fruit acid complex, which declares war on the red dots. Blocked sebum glands are cleared and the skin refined. And how does it work: Simply apply the mask generously to your bottom, massage in and let it work for about 15 minutes. Then remove the excess product with warm water.


Day 2 - smoothly gone!

No chance the dents are called with the "Magic Anti Cellulite & Toning Mask" from PoBeau. The warming and firming hydrogel mask with caffeine prevents loss of elasticity. In addition, the blood and lymph circulation are stimulated. Thanks to ShapePerfection, a fat-dissolving anti-cellulite agent obtained from mustard sprouts, the firming effect is enhanced! Bye bye cellulite! And how does it work: See day 1



Day 3 - The super firming

A real booty booster that is used to tighten the banana fold (the fold between the bottom and the thighs) is the "Booty Contouring & Firming Mask" by PoBeau. The care power of smoothing plankton extract and vitamin C makes the skin on the bottom and the upper part of the thighs buttery soft and stimulates the cell metabolism. At the same time, betaine, an active ingredient obtained from sugar beet, protects against dehydration and stimulates the build-up of collagen and elastin. Good job! And how does it work: See day 1


Day 4 - The moisture kick

Water on! Because in order to shine, the skin needs an absolute hydra boost! Exactly the right job for PoBeau with his "Intensive Hydrating & Moisturizing Mask". Why? The hydrogel mask is bursting with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients such as menthol, aloe vera & Co. Fine wrinkles are reduced, moisture is provided and the overall structure of the skin is improved. Just awesome! And how does it work: See day 1


Day 5 - Let there be light!

Certainly not for everyone and those who want can simply skip this step, because at the end there is a special treatment that sheds light on the dark. In short: a nourishing hydrogel intimate mask that was specially developed to lighten the sensitive anus area. The "Whitening & Nourishing Intimate Mask" from PoBeau gently bleaches the skin by breaking down the melanin contained in the skin. Pigment spots and skin discoloration gradually fade.


Beauty care for the buttocks would be completed. You should get this for permanently perfect, smooth and firm skin on your bottom  5 Days Care P (r) Ogram " Treat yourself about once a month! And one thing is clear: Booty care has never been so easy!


Text: Mabel Neumann / The Beauty & Love Concept 

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