90-60-90 war gestern

90-60-90 was yesterday

90-60-90. Three numbers that have accompanied the entire world of women for almost a century and rather have caused more damage than that they have actually been of any use to anyone. As we now know, these numbers represent a rather unrealistic idea of the female body. 

For a long time, many, like the fashion industry, did not want to admit that many cannot achieve these dimensions simply because of their anatomy. Some designers only produced sizes up to size 36, which for many meant a "plus-plus-plus-size".

Over time, an ideal image of women emerged from whom, understandably, almost everyone felt extremely pressured. Since then, the aerobics classes in front of the television have been compulsive. They only fed on kale and celery. Nobody had fun anymore. Above all, it was mostly by no means healthy. 

Still, who doesn't like a cracking bottom? Especially by the gentlemen of creation, we are often reduced to our curves, whereby over the years the tendency has moved from a thin, rather petite woman to a more opulent build. In general, however, this behavior is due to our primal instinct to maintain itself or its way and to reproduce. Because the more voluptuous the figure, the more fertile and healthier the female was. For us, this meant that the bigger the bottom, for example, the more likely it was to be able to find a male for reproduction. 

I don't have to explain to you that this debate is groundless and that the oh-so-perfect dimensions 90-60-90 are completely useless. Nowadays, body sizes are as out of date as the opinion that women only belong in the kitchen. That the human body is unique and that everyone is a bit crooked here and maybe crooked there is completely normal. And that's just as well. It would be stupid if everyone conformed to the norm and everyone looked the same. Above all, something different is attractive to everyone.