As already mentioned in the last blogs, not only a positive mindset and a healthy diet are decisive for your dream booty. Sport is also an important factor. It is true that a healthy and balanced diet accounts for around 70%, but sport is only about 30% essential for realizing your goals. In this blog we will show you which exercises help best.

Probably the most effective exercises for a firm buttock: 


⇢ Lie on the floor

⇢ Stand up your knees, you can let your arms lie relaxed on your sides

⇢ Now you lift your bottom and tense it at the top point for about 5 seconds

⇢ the knees bent 90 degrees, toes pointing forward



⇢ one leg forward (lunge)

⇢ both toes point forward, the upper body is upright

⇢ now bend your legs until your front thigh is parallel to the floor

⇢ your front knee stays above your heel as you go low

⇢ the movement only comes from the upper body



⇢ go to the quadruped stand 

⇢ now lift one foot backwards until your "harm strings" are level with your back

⇢ hold this position for about 5 seconds



⇢ go to the quadruped stand

⇢ lift your leg to the side (imagine you are a dog who is about to pee on a tree) 

⇢ the back remains straight and the abdominal muscles tense

⇢ keep both hands on the floor

⇢ movement only comes from the legs and hips



→ Each exercise should be done with five sets of 15  Schedule repetitions

→ These exercises are most effective with a “glow band” or with weights