Unser Po als Organ

Our buttocks as an organ

Our buttocks - one of the body parts with a strong erotic stimulus for both sexes, but due to the proximity to the anus, it is also considered unclean.

It is hyped on the internet, but in real life it is more of a taboo subject.

Nobody likes to talk about their ailments, especially those that affect an intimate part of the body. But as the second strongest skeletal muscle (after the jaw muscle), we should pay particular attention to our booty. 

Let us first dedicate ourselves to the anatomy of our Peaches. Our buttocks are made up of three main muscles: gluteus minimus (lower buttocks), gluteus medius (upper buttocks) & the gluteus maximus, which is the largest muscle in the human body.


There are five different buttocks shapes:


  1. Round: this type is also known as "apple butt" & is evenly round.
  2. Rectangular
  3. Inverted heart shape: with an extremely narrow waist, the bottom becomes widest in the lower part
  4. A-shaped (pear shape): Similarities to the heart shape
  5. V-shaped: a wider hip forms the widest point of the buttocks


For your goals, it is important to know what shape of your bottom you have in order to determine the perfect plan for it. Because there are specific exercises for a V-shaped type, just like, for example, for the rectangular type. 


In addition to exercise and a healthy diet, proper care is of course another important factor. Many of us suffer from pimples on our buttocks, for example, or from increasing them   Cellulite. You have already learned in our previous blogs that you can change a lot with the right diet. We have the optimal solution for you for proper care. From our "Butt Pimples & Rescue Purifying Mask" to our "Magic Anti Cellulite & Toning Mask", PoBeau provides you with optimal care.