Warum Selbstliebe und Body Positivity wichtig sind

Why self-love and body positivity are important

A flawless body. No wrinkles. A flat stomach and a big, firm bottom. A goal that everyone is now pursuing. Cellulite is removed from the vocabulary and when you talk about it, you are stunned and treated like a character from Harry Potter who has just dared to pronounce the name "Voldemort" out loud.  

If you go back a little in history, until 1930 almost no one was interested in the so-called "orange peel". It is only after a French magazine has taken up this extremely annoying matter that it becomes more and more an issue in fashion magazines. The "dents" that were once considered natural and taken for granted are now being declared a plague. This is mainly due to the fact that we are simply sold completely disaffected proportions as standard and everything that does not look exactly the same is automatically abnormal and insufficient. 

Almost every woman and also men develop cellulite in the course of their life. In women it is around 90%. In women, this is mainly due to the weaker connective tissue, which, among other things, can expand more easily during pregnancy. In the course of life, the skin's elasticity decreases, which means that the fatty tissue can spread more easily, and the connective tissue strands gradually push themselves through the surface of the skin. For us this is then visible through the cellulite. The male connective tissue has a reticulate structure, which makes it more stable. However, males can also develop cellulite from a lack of androgens (a male sex hormone). 

I don't have to tell you that cellulite and dissatisfaction with your own body have now become extremely lucrative business. However, whether affected or not, we can create an awareness that these unpleasant dents and every body, no matter whether large, small, thin, thick, black, white or rainbow-colored, is unique and unbelievable in its own way. When we begin to love our characteristics and, above all, to appreciate each individual, we can convey our feeling of self-worth and self-love to the outside world and finally make “body positivity” socially acceptable.

You and your body are beautiful. You achieve and create incredible things with him every day.