Cleane Kosmetik Teil 2

Clean cosmetics part 2

Have you ever wondered what clean cosmetics actually are?

In the first part we already told you the story behind the term "clean". 

Furthermore, we have also addressed all ingredients such as silicones, parabens, sulfates and mineral oils, which are contained in many cosmetic products.

Today we will show you why these substances are often used and why they can often be very dangerous for us.


Cosmetics containing silicone often feel very pleasant immediately after application and very rarely trigger allergic reactions, but: they also seal the surface of the skin.

This is an advantage when the skin is very dry and can therefore lose less moisture. However, this can also be a disadvantage, because impurities and bottlenecks can quickly form.

You can recognize silicones in cosmetics by the endings "-cone" or "-xane".

Silicones are chemically produced, have a long shelf life and give the skin and hair many positive properties.

Silicones are not directly harmful, but silicones do not penetrate deep into the skin, so they only have a superficial effect. After showering or bathing, the skin is exactly the same as before. 

Silicones are the cheaper alternatives to vegetable oils.

Vegetable oils can build up, care for and regenerate the skin. We therefore do not use any silicone. Because healthy, beautiful skin must be built up and cared for in a sustainable and long-term manner.



Parabens are artificially produced preservatives. These chemicals make cosmetics durable and germ-free. A distinction is made between problematic and unproblematic Parabens.

But are parabens really that dangerous? 

All parabens are similar in their chemical structure to the female sex hormone estrogen. They are therefore suspected of influencing the human endocrine system - especially since they can be easily absorbed through the skin.

A new meta-study now shows a possible connection with body weight as well as chemical substances and plasticizers. We have therefore decided against the use of parabens, even if not all parabens are harmful.



Sulphates are mainly salts. Sodium lauryl sulfates are often used here. These belong to the group of aggressive surfactants. These have different, negative effects on our skin and hair. They are particularly harmful not only to our skin, but also to our mucous membranes.

Sulphates have a drying effect and open the cuticle. They wash off the natural oils and proteins. You should therefore stay away from sulfates in your daily beauty routine.


We at PoBeau therefore actively do without these ingredients in order to be optimally compatible with your skin and to enable perfect care for every skin type. It goes without saying that we also refrain from animal testing.