Pimples on the bottom - what helps?

Time to talk about the taboo subject! Because many have it and almost all of them quietly suffer from this unsightly skin problem. It is nothing to be ashamed of and there are a few things you can do about it:

But where do the pimples on the bottom come from?

Pimples can develop anywhere where there are sebum glands - including on the buttocks. If these clog, a pimple develops. In most cases, this is caused by a mix of non-breathable underwear or abrasive clothing, as well as sweating from prolonged sitting. Because if the skin is irritated by the friction, bacteria have an easy time with heat and moisture. In short: avoid synthetic materials. You sweat faster in them than e.g. in cotton fabrics. But caution is also advised when clothing is too tight.
A poor diet can also lead to pimples. Fat, sugar and dairy products should be removed from the menu for this problem, as these foods are known to promote acne. But the most important thing for pure skin is: drink a lot! It should be two to three liters a day!

That helps against "Buttne"!

With "Buttne" (word combination from the English "Butt" and "Acne", ie "Po" and "Acne") one thing applies above all: expressing pimples is prohibited! This often creates open wounds that bacteria can get in, which often makes the problem worse, as even real inflammation can develop.

Anyone who is generally prone to clogged sebum glands should exfoliate their skin thoroughly once a week. This removes dead skin and ensures that the pores do not clog up so quickly.

To get rid of the nasty pimples on your bottom, only a real care boost helps. The PoBeau brand has dealt with this problem and developed a special hydrogel mask for the buttocks. The "Butt Pimples Rescue & Purifying Mask" contains a highly concentrated active ingredient combination of dandelion extract and fruit acid complex, which declares war on the red dots. Simply apply the mask generously to your buttocks, massage in and leave on for about 15 minutes. Then wash off excess product with warm water. Then it says: Bye butt pimples, hello dream butt! Because the result is impressive: a more even and refined complexion that shines.

Text: Mabel Neumann / The Beauty & Love Concept