Ohne Sport zu deinem Traum-Po?

Without exercise to your dream bottom?

We all have it: the dream of a flawless bottom. Especially through Kim Kardashian, more and more attention is paid to our buttocks. On Instagram and Co you can see women and men uploading video clips of their training for the perfect booty. What usually looks effortless is a major challenge for many of us. This is mainly due to the stress that our everyday life brings with it. Ultimately, most of us would rather end the day with a pack of chips and Netflix than struggle to the gym after 8 o'clock. But what do you not do for a great bottom, right?


What many do not know is that sport only accounts for about 30% of our goal: dream body. Proper nutrition is essential for the remaining 70%. A balanced and healthy diet brings us closer to our ideal ideas. The most important thing here is the regularity of food intake. Due to our daily work that usually does not go according to plan, we often eat irregularly and unhealthily. The sentence “a BigMac and a big french fries, please” is automatically unwound in every lunch break. However, we can counteract this with a simple trick called "Mealprep."


The word "mealprep" means to prepare your meal. If I know that tomorrow will be a stressful day, I'll cook the food the day before for the whole of the next day. If possible, you can prepare your meal for several days, which not only saves time, but also money. A suitable food for this is, for example, rice. Especially brown rice with the so-called "long-chain carbohydrates" it contains has a beneficial effect on our organism and also makes us full longer. Combined with vegetables and a source of protein such as boiled eggs, you have an ideal meal for on the go.