Banana fold ?!

The banana fold-what is that, actually?

Sounds particularly exotic. Each of us has it. With many, however, it is more present than with others. What is meant is the crease between the bottom and the thigh.

What is particularly common: for many, it is perfectly shaped without much effort and only emphasizes the crisp backside even more. And you will be honest, who doesn't want a crisp and well-formed one Popöchen?

But how is / does one get the so-called "Banana curve“?

Our genes are responsible for a certain part. Insspecial by Weak connective tissue many buttocks begin to hang faster (why we women in particular have weaker connective tissue than men can be found in our blog about self-love and bodies Positivity read). Mainly because most of us spend our everyday lives sitting in the office, that becomes Booty downright "sat flat".

Another reason could be an unhealthy diet and little to no exercise.

How do you get your perfect banana fold?

First of all, it should be said that every body and every bottom is perfect in its own way. That the Banana curve looks like this for one person, or looks like this for the other, is usually completely normal and simply genetically determined. So don't worry if yours doesn't look like the "0815 fitnessInfluencers“.

However, there are many little tricks how you can still get a banana fold, à la Jennifer Lopez. For example through fitness. Squats, Hipthrusts, Deadlifts and Co. make your bottom particularly sweat. With the right training and a balanced diet, nothing stands in the way of your goal.

If the sport is too stupid for you, a so-called "Brazilian Butt Lift “in Betrdraw eight. The costs for this procedure start at around € 3,500. However, depending on how much has to be lifted, the price can rise very quickly. However, very practical, here the fat from your own body is often used and thus the pounds on the tummy tumble at the same time.

Too expensive? Here is an insider tip from us: our "PoBeau Booty Contouring & FirmingMask. “Through active ingredients such as Vitamin C and plankton extract, the bottom is tightened and the skin is cared for. And all that without any sport and being poorer at € 3,500.