Pigment spots

Flawless skin, who wouldn't want that? However, nobody has completely pure skin. Pigment spots in particular don't make life easy for you. But how do they come about?

Pigment spots or hyperpigmentation are brownish discolorations of the skin. These occur when certain cells in the skin release more melanin. 

Melanin is a pigment that we humans use for the coloring of, among other things. Hair & skin is responsible. 

Marks form especially where the skin is exposed to light. Furthermore, one can also have a disposition for it. Impure skin and inflammation from pimples can then lead to scars and pigment disorders. Female hormones, burns as well as all kinds of diseases and drugs promote the irritation. In addition, pigment spots can also be the result of tumors, metabolic disorders, gluten intolerance and a folic acid or vitamin B12 deficiency.

As harmless as pigment disorders are - sometimes a dangerous skin cancer is hidden behind the marks. In general, you should therefore go to your dermatologist for a check-up at least every two years. A visit to the doctor is also advisable if the pigment spot is asymmetrical, has an irregular border, is not consistently colored and / or has a diameter of more than two millimeters.

Most of the time, the small marks are harmless and as long as you don't mind them, they are not unnatural in any way. Treatment of harmless pigment spots is therefore not absolutely necessary. 

However, should you still bother with the marks, there are many ways to prevent and treat this type of skin irritation.

So if you tend to do so, and you want to contain it or already prevent its development, you should protect your skin properly against UV radiation. Such as B. through a sunscreen or a day cream with a sun protection factor.

Pigment disorders can be treated with a laser, peeling, cream or cold.

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