Cleane Kosmetik

Clean cosmetics

Clean cosmetics? What is that again? 

“Clean” sounds quite trustworthy, doesn't it?


But what does the term “clean beauty” mean?

First of all, there are no general or legal regulations as to what

one has to understand exactly by "clean".


It is clear, however, that this term does not stand for cleanliness or compatibility

- Rather, it stands for the fact that certain ingredients are not used

become. Whether the respective ingredients are really questionable should be

play no role in this. 


To understand what sparked this new wave of beauty, however, is

it is interesting to know that this term-of course, how could it

be different, comes from the land of opportunity. Because

this was the attempt of the American beauty industry, European

Meet standards.


The standards required for the approval of ingredients and cosmetics

are ten times as high in the EU or in Germany as

in the USA.


If you want to bring a cosmetic product to the market in Germany,

must meet certain guidelines that are stricter compared to America

than are strict.


The "promises" of the ingredients must be in a large number

be evidenced by tests. The main thing here is the security of the

Consumers in the foreground, which is especially true in cosmetics

important is.


In the case of “clean” products, it is therefore generally a question of the

respective products on, for example, silicones, parabens, sulfates and mineral oils



But let's be honest, you know what's behind these individual terms

really stands? No? Not bad, we bring light into the darkness.


In the 2nd part you will learn why so many cosmetic companies are too 

these ingredients take effect and why some of these substances really do 

dangerous for us, especially for our skin.