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Buttne? What really helps against pimples on the bottom!

Pimples on the bottom are also known as "buttne". It's a combination of "butt" and acne. 

But where do the pimples on the bottom actually come from and how do they develop and, more importantly, how can they be treated. Many people occasionally suffer from buttne or pimples on their bottom.  We want to explain to you where the pimples actually come from.

What is buttne?

Most of the time, buttne is not true acne, but folliculitis.

What is folliculitis: This is a small infection or irritation of the hair follicle that can lead to small red bumps or puss on the buttocks. These mini infections are caused by staphylococci. These are aerobic spherical bacteria living on the skin that infect the hair follicle by entering the skin through a wound, thus causing an infection. 

Hairy men are particularly affected in the hot summer months, when increased sweating also promotes bacterial growth and thus clogs the pores. Folliculitis can be very painful, but the resulting pimples usually heal without consequences. If you are in pain, you should definitely see a doctor.  

What are the causes of buttne anyway?

Our buttocks work hard every day by sitting for hours, cycling or synthetic clothing that is too tight, but also by shaving or waxing.

This tight clothing causes friction on the skin and collects sweat, increasing the risk of clogged hair follicles.

Wet training clothes or bathing suits are also an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, so always have a change of dry clothing ready immediately.

Hormones can also be a cause of butt pimples, for example during the menstrual cycle hormones can cause the follicle to become more sticky which in turn can lead to clogged pores and pimples.

What can you do against Buttne?

Regular showering not only helps remove sweat, but also excess oil and dirt. This prevents all these substances from accumulating on your skin and causing pimples. 

Avoid damp clothing after bathing or exercising.

Always clean underwear should also be a matter of course. Wear breathable cotton underwear and generally avoid tight clothing

Only shave your hair in the direction of growth and be sure to use shaving cream to avoid skin irritation.

Clogged pores can be easily combated with a combination of fruit acid and salicylic acid. Dead skin cells are sloughed off, try the BUTT SERUM.

Nurture your skin to rebuild its own defenses and re-regulate its microbiome. Use this here DAILY GEL to effectively prevent the causes of buttne.

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