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Bikini bundle

Our buttocks are stressed a lot. We spend most of the day indoors, especially in winter. The fact that neither we nor our booty like this is shown above all by dry skin or buttne.

You are wondering how you should start the preparations under these circumstances?

We have a very special tip!

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Cleane Kosmetik Teil 2

Clean cosmetics part 2

In the first part we already told you the story behind the term "clean".
Today we will show you why these substances are often used and why they can often be very dangerous for us.
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Cellulite is a widespread change in the so-called subcutaneous fat tissue, i.e. the subcutaneous fat tissue, in your thighs and your buttocks area.

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Pigment spots

Flawless skin, who wouldn't want that? However, nobody has completely pure skin. Pigment spots in particular don't make life easy for you. But how do they come about?
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