Bikini bundle

Our buttocks are stressed a lot. We spend most of the day indoors, especially in winter. The fact that neither we nor our booty like this is shown above all by dry skin or buttne.

You are wondering how you should start the preparations under these circumstances?

We have a very special tip!

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Trockene Haut am Po

Dry skin on the buttocks

It's tight, red, and sometimes itchy or even flaky.

Dry skin on the face or other parts of the body is often discussed in the media.

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Warum PoBeau?

Why PoBeau?

The buttocks - an often neglected part of the body. He is the fulcrum of our body. One year, 12 months, seven days, 24 hours. Our booty is used by us every day. There are hardly any breaks.

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90-60-90 war gestern

90-60-90 was yesterday

90-60-90. Three numbers that have accompanied the entire world of women for almost a century and rather have caused more damage than that they have actually been of any use to anyone. As we now know, these numbers represent a rather unrealistic idea of the female body.
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