Po mit Akne

Dein Masterplan gegen Pickel am Po

Selbst die Glücklichen unter uns, die selten Probleme mit Pickeln haben, bekommen auf dem Po häufig und immer wieder kleine Pickelchen. Das ist nicht nur ärgerlich, sondern kann bei großen Pickeln auf dem Po sogar sehr schmerzhaft werden.
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Pigment spots

Flawless skin, who wouldn't want that? However, nobody has completely pure skin. Pigment spots in particular don't make life easy for you. But how do they come about?
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Banana fold ?!

Sounds particularly exotic. Each of us has it. With many, however, it is more present than with others. What is meant is the crease between the bottom and the thigh.
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Trockene Haut am Po

Dry skin on the buttocks

It's tight, red, and sometimes itchy or even flaky.

Dry skin on the face or other parts of the body is often discussed in the media.

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